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Spectacular routes

Sierra Bermeja


This route connects the coast and the valley of Rio Genal going over Sierra Bermeja (marked green/red  in the map on the left).

I suggest that the sceneries are most impressive if you drive from Algatocin to Estepona. Then the landscape changes from a green valley continuously towards more barren, rocky slopes. There is a Venta between Algatocin and Jubrique where the road crosses rio Genal. It seems to be a popular gathering for romerias and other events during weekends.


As the road starts its ascent towards the pass, spectacular views open over the huge Genal valley to the north. Here the road is narrow but quite negotiable with any car. Unfortunately there are practically no places to stop the car and step out for the views.

The pass (Puerto de Peñas Blancas) is 990 m above sea level. The descent towards Estepona offers fantastic views from Gibraltar to Marbella and beyond. The road from the pass to the coast is much wider than the one up from the Genal valley. The southern slopes of Sierra Bermeja have a peculiar reddish tint.



The road crosses many mountain creeks which are dry during summer but become quickly running cascades during winter. Many people come here to collect crystal clear mountain water.


On weekends there may be cycling competitions on the stretch which starts close to Estepona and reach up to the pass.


A view from Puerto de Peñas Blancas to northwest over the Rio Genal valley.

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