In early 1950's my parents drove a Peugeot 203 all the way from Finland to Spain. They made a 16 mm film of that trip. The film was edited and shown in Helsinki. My mother sold tickets.


Sadly just a few fotos were taken during that trip. A selection is here:


Castillo Bil Bil in Benalmádena around 1950.

My father's photo of Castillo Bil Bil was displayed in the exhibition "Benalmádena de ayer a hoy"en Centro de Exposiciones de Benalmádena, 2014 - 2015. The foto was also used in the cover of the exhibition catalogue.


Picture of Tarifa approx.1950. Taken apparently from a moving car on road N-340


The same scenery in 2008. Not much has changed

This location is easily identifiable. Short parts of the ancient N-340 have been preserved. They serve well as vantage points and parking areas for caravans.

The N-340 in La Herradura region in the 1950's

My father told me that he was a bit insecure when approaching this armed man. He said that this Guardia Civil was actually just a boy. Apparently nervous and clueless of what to do when a tourist approaches with a camera. The dog, however was curious and friendly, wagging its tail.

A Guardia Civil somewhere on the coast in approx. 1950.

From the position of the negative in my father's folder I presume this picture was taken somewhere near Nerja ?. Seems like a sunday or a holiday. I don't know what the catch is. Perhaps boquerones ?

A catch of something 

A catch of something in approx. 1950

Apparently the same location as in the picture above. The woman sitting on the left and the two persons in coats in the middle are obvious tourists.

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