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Spectacular routes

El Chorro - Embalses del Guadalhorce - Bobastro

Mapa ElChorro-2-2.jpg

This route (marked green on the map on the left)  offers probably the most beautiful and the roughest sceneries in all of Andalucía.


The magnificent Garganta del Chorro -gorge through which Rio Guadalhorce flows is visible from just one point downstream of the gorge on the Álora-Ardales-road.


Since the re-opening of the Caminito del Rey, far too big busses have started to transfer visitors between the start and end of the path on the El Chorro - Ardales - road. Getting past oncoming busses is very difficult on the twisting road with a rocky wall on the other side and a rail and downslope on the other. Fold in side mirros and expect to get some scratches. A new route for the busses is being planned.


Embalse del Guadalhorce

For anyone interested in the history of Al Andalus it is worth the sidetrip to drive up to Bobastro, while you are in the area.

The hilltop was the stronghold of Umar Ibn Hafsun who rebelled for almost half a century against the Cordoban rulers since about 881. The magnifient caliph Abd al-rahman III conquered Bobastro only after Ibn Hafsun's death . Almost nothing is left of the fortalized village, but its location is spectacular.


Here one may see vultures circling around at close distance.

One may compare the toughness of today's life with the one which Ibn Hafsun's 500 supporters endured on these hills. How to get food and water up to these people every day is almost beyond imagination. 


Along the road up to Bobastro there are remains of Ibn Hafsun's church which is carved in the rock of the mountainside. Well worth the climb of a few dozen steps from the road


Bobastro, Umar ibn Hafsun's stronghold. Not much more than these stones are left from this fortified village on the hilltop. Spectalurar views. A windy place.

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