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Spectacular routes

Serranía de Ronda


This detour from the main Ronda - San Pedro road is only about 25 km (marked green in the map on the left).


It runs on the slopes of the Serrania de Ronda in the Rio Genal valley. The road is narrow and twisty but quite safe. The traffic is mostly local chestnut farmers on their four-wheel-drives (Todoterrenos). This is the main area of chestnut production (Castañas) in all of Andalucía. About 3 - 4 million kilos are collected from late september to early october. The tiny villages in the area have their own varieties of chestnut.

The route goes through a tiny town called Júzcar, which became famous when it became the scene of the Smurfs-movies (Pitufos). All houses were painted blue and there was a lot of Smurfs activities for the 80 000 yearly tourists who visted the town of only 250 permanent inhabitants. The Smurfs activities ceased in summer 2017, due to some unresolved conflict between the town hall and the heirs of the Smurfs creator.



Chestnut trees in the valley of Rio Genal. Pujerra in the background.

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