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About Me

I am a part-time immigrant in Fuengirola. I've been coming to the coast since 1970's when my parents moved here. I worked and still mostly live in Helsinki.

About photography

It is my hobby. I don't do assignements. I don't make documents. I just shoot what I see. Mostly without any preparations or plans. I carry a camera with me all the time and take photographs almost every day. I admire the work of Willy Ronis, Saul Leiter, Harry Gruyaert and Alex Webb, for example. The fotos on these pages are just for illustration. A portfolio of my more "serious" fotos is here.

About other interests

Only after spending time in Fuengirola I became interested in history. I hated it in school. Now I've read dozens of books on Al Andalus and the Roman era. We've visited Italica ( Sevilla), Acinipo (Ronda), Baelo Claudia (Cádiz), Madinat al Zahra (Córdoba), Alhambra (Granada) among other less renowned sites. It is amazing how the stones which you step on start feeling different after you have read the stories. I've devolped a habit of spotting man-made stone structures on hilltops ("Maybe that was a castle ?") while driving in the countryside.

About this site

This site is just another hobby, emerging from curiosity about how web-pages are actually made.   Maybe a subjective, non-commercial site sparks curiosity in visitors who don't care for the sun-beaches-hotels-property-for-sale-pages. I reserve all rights to my photos and the contents of the site.




I do read and answer e-mails:

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