Romans in Fuengirola


The remains of a 2nd century Roman villa in Carvajal. The site is beside the N-340 just uphill to the east of the Torreblanca roundabout

As far as I know, there are four preserved sites from the Roman era in Fuengirola:

  • Finca del Secretario in Los Boliches/Torreblanca

  • Roman villa in Carvajal

  • The town of Suel in the Parque del Castillo

  • A villa in the cemetery-area

The site of the Carvajal villa has been a private plot until december 2017 when the city finally bought it. It was cleared of vegetation in late 2018 (pic on left). I wonder what the bulldozer driver thought when he cut the 1800 years old narrow swimming pool to give room for widening the N-340 ?


The partly excavated fish-salting factory, pottery workshop and baths in Finca del Secretario is the most prominent of Roman sites in Fuengirola. It is a public park and worth visiting even if Roman stones are not your hobby. The site was found during road construction in 1961.

The big bathtub in the Finca del Secretario-site in Los Boliches/Torreblanca


Not much is visible from the Roman town of Suel at the bottom of the El Castillo hill. The fish-salting tubs were excavated and apparently restored but then left to decay. The excavations of the town area are surrounded by fences but refilled with gravel.


Fish-salting tubs from the 3rd century are the remains of the Roman town of Suel in Parque del Castillo

In February 2019 I read a tweet from the City Hall that a goup of archaeologists are going to investigate the site of the Roman town of Suel. The project will take seven years. What excactly is going to be done remains to be seen. Very welcome activity from Ana Mula, the mayor.