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The Alcazaba of Málaga.

For us Málaga is museums, art, monuments, the old town streets, eating tapas and just a lot of strolling around. A lively minimetropolis. 





Almost everything which we find interesting is within walking distance. City center is most easily accessible by car from Fuengirola by using the exit to Puerto from A-7. Calle Pacífico leads past Puerto to parking Muelle Uno which is a perfect base for a walking visit.. 

Plaza de la Constitution Malaga.jpg

Plaza de la Constitution. The center of Málaga

Málaga museums

There are at least nine outstanding museums, which we visit regularly:

  • CAC, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo. The museum of contemporary art. 20th and 21st century visual art of   pioneering nature. Permanent and temporary exhibitions. 


CAC, The museum of contemporary art


Centre Pompidou Málaga in the Muelle Uno harbour

  • Museo Picasso & Fundacion Picasso & Casa natal. In Palacio Buenavista and on the Plaza de la Mercéd. Permanent and temporary exhibitions, which may not be directly linked with Picasso.

  • Museo de Málaga - Palacio de la Aduana. The magnificent toll building beside the roman theatre in the historic centre. Permanent exhibition of bellas artes and archeology.


  • Centre Pompidou Málaga in the Muelle Uno harbour area. Permanent and temporary exhibitions of visual arts, sculpture, architecture, design, photography.

















  • Museo Carmen Thyssen in the old city. Changing exhibitions of classic and modern art.

  • Colección del Museo Ruso, in the Tabacalera complex, a few kilometres southwest from city centre. Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, no. 15. Impressive venue. Maintains its name from the years when it used to display excellent exhibitions from the huge collection of the Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg. After the Russian invasion attempt of Ukraine in spring 2022 the collaboration between the Russian governmental museum and Málaga could not be continued. The last exhibition was, ironically, titled "War and peace in Russian art". The museum is now run by the Málaga town hall. Exhibitions now include works from Museo Casa Natal Picasso and a variety of other exhibitions.

  • Museo Automovilístico also in the Tabacalera complex. Cars and fashion.

  • Museo del Patrimonio Municipal, MUPAM, near the Plaza de Toros on Paseo de Reding just east of the Alcazaba tunnel. Permanent and  temporary exhibitions on local  history and local artists.



Museo de Málaga. The floor of archeologia.

Museo del Patrimonio Municipal de Málaga, MUPAM

  • Centro Cultural La Malagueta. A very nice interior for exhibitions in the La Malagueta bullring.
    Being inclined to photography, this has become my preferred museum in Málaga. 


Jean_Marie Périer's exhibition in Centro Cultural La Malagueta in 2021.


Another excellent exhibition of photos at La Malagueta. Edward Quinn's photos of Picasso at work & famous actors and celebrities in the USA.

Interesting collections and temporary exhibitions are also displayed at:

  • Museo Revello de Toro. Portrait paintings and drawings of Félix Revello de Toro, a famous Málaga artist. At the historic centre.

  • La Térmica. Avenida de los Guindos 48. A cultural and educational centre with 2-3 rooms for exhibitions. Mostly photography.

  • Museo Jorge Rando. Expressionist paintings and cultural events. On Calle Cruz del Molinillo, in a lively neighborhood.

  • Glass museum. A privately managed collection of glass items in a beautiful 18th century villa just off the main streets in Plazuela Santisimo Cristo de la Sangre 2. Guided tours only.

  • Palacio Episcopal de Málaga. Right in front of the Cathedral. Temporary exhibitions of visual arts and a permanent collection of religious items.


Palacio Episcopal de Málaga. Eugenio Chicano exhibition of Flamenco paintings and lyrics in Andalucian dialect in Jan 2019.

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