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Spectacular routes

Granada to Almuñecar


If you are not in a hurry and sunset is not approaching take this one instead of the
A-44 to Motril or the A-92 to Antequera.

The road departs from the new A-44 about 10 km south of Granada. Take either exit 139 (La Malaha) or 144 to A 4050 towards Almuñecar. The depart is at Puerto del Suspiro del Moro where, according to the famous tale, the last moorish amir of the Nazari-family, Boabdil, took his last glimpse back to Alhambra on his journey to exile in Maghreb. He sighed, wept, and his mother said that he wept like a woman because he could not keep Granada like a man.

The road winds first on almost flat countryside and then at the puerto (1200 m above sea-level) suddenly starts a spectacular descent to Almuñecar. The road drops some 1 km during a linear distance of approx. 10 km.

I just love the scenes. The rocks are light gray to white, spotted with green piñas.

The road was in good condition in July 2010. Although not for anyone afraid of serious mountain routes the road is safe and wide enough to pass any bus or truck climbing uphill. Very few appeared though. One of the most dramatic routes I’ve driven near the coast. Completes nicely your day spent in Alhambra just when you think you’ve seen everything.

When driving this the first time my wife was terrified and said that she would never come to this route again !. She got her back and neck sore by leaning to the mountain-side all the way. But I think the route was good fun and really spectacular.


On the road from Granada to Almuñecar. View towards west to the Sierras of Almijara.

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