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Old-time demonstrator

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

I don't know his name. But I think he is a well known character in the center of Málaga. Always extremely well dressed in a traditional way, with shining shoes. I have seen him many times protesting in front of the town hall, on Calle Larios etc. Just standing quietly and willing to discuss with passers-by. When I last saw him on the Plaza de la Constitution (April, 2018), he wilfully posed for me and and gave his phone number.

He wears a crucifix, a rosary and the arrow symbol of the Moviemiento of the Franco-era.

I used to think that he is lone rider immersed in impractical nostalgia of decades back. Some kind of a village quirk.

Then came the Andalucían elections of 2018, with the amazing advance of the Vox-movement. So I can't help thinking that this guy is just the tip of the iceberg which has been buried out of sight for decades.

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