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New excavations in the Suel-area, Fuengirola

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

The town hall recently announced new excavations in Parque del Castillo, on the Roman town of Suel - area. I haven't seen any descriptions about the work area nor the target of the work. The town hall Tweet just said that the project will take six years, or so.

I find it surprising that there are no findings whatsoever from this Roman town in the Museo de Málaga. Suel is not even mentioned in the maps which present the major Roman sites in the Málaga province. Yet, quite a few excavations must have been performed here.

To my amateur archeologist eyes the the work has started systematically and seriously. It seems to me that perhaps during the building of the Parque del Castillo the fish-salting tubs were excavated and protected with stone walls. The rest of the Suel-area seems to have been covered with gravel and sand which is now partly removed.

I don't expect to see any Colosseum or the like unearthed here. However, I'm very curious to see reports of the progress.

Happy to see that the Ayuntamiento has started publishing the results while the work is ongoing:

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