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Amazing Statues

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Armando Esperantio keeps on creating large-scale models of world-famous statues, towers and other buildings in his taller in Las Lagunas, Mijas Costa.

He designs everything in his head. No drawings, nothing. Just images found in the web. The structures are mostly made of scrap metal. His tools are a welding machine and a cutting wheel. And hands.

His works include:

- Eiffel towers (5 versions) - Statue of liberty (2 versions) - Cristo de Corcovado

- Big Ben (2 versions)

- Saint Basil´s Catherdal, Moscow

- Virgen del Rosario, Fuengirola

- La Giralda, Seville

- The Sphinx, Luxor

- The leaning tower of Pisa (2 versions of different sizes)

- The Taipei 101, Taiwan

- Obelisk

Some of these are 7 meters high and weigh a ton.

I'm persuading him to make a full-scale model of a WW2 fighter. Like a Spitfire.

E-mail: ollin( put the @ here)


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