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A new excavation ?

Updated: Jan 28

What's going on uphill from the excavations of the Finca del Secretario in Los Boliches - Torreblanca ? Hopefully clearing top soil from this area means that somebody is going to unearth whatever was buried under the landslide which occurred here after the Roman times. According to Patrick H. Meehan (Fuengirola Revisited, Publ. Costa women, 2021), there are at least the six water reservoirs which used to feed the baths downhill. But the huge size of the already excavated bath complex makes me to expect that there must have been a large villa and perhaps several houses nearby. I certainly hope that this is not going to be just another apartment or hotel site.

Well, today I learned from SUR in English ( that the ongoing work at the upmost side of the area is road construction. There's going to be a road to the new health center. No hopes lost yet.


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